Back to Basics

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Fifteen years ago I started my first blog, right here on WordPress. The platform looked very different then, and so did the world of blogging. It was new and innocent and hardly anyone made any money from it. I ran that blog for four years. I wrote a lot, I wrote on most days, and I was fast and I was furious. I had a knack for good headings. When I wrote, I was wired because I felt like I was doing something worthwhile.

Three very different blogs later, I’ve decided to come back to basics. This time I am here simply because I want to create and share. I want to write on most days again, even if it’s only what I can manage before work – fast and furious. I am here for that feeling of the words flying out of my fingertips and across the screen, imperfect and free.

Hence the name Creative Café. This is a sandbox, a playground, a workshop, a place for working things out – not a finished and polished product. This is for building the habit of showing up.

I am also here for the community I know blogging can lead to. I made friends with my first blog all those years ago whom still love and have in my life to this day. I am here to find a new community again, one that is creative-minded and freely exchanges encouragement and support.

That is you, dear reader! I am very pleased to meet you. Do drop me a line, link me to your blog or social media account so I can visit and learn from you, and check back every now and then to see my works in progress. Until then,

AJ x

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